Turkish Delight at London English Course

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Free Range English course london

Steve, Emsal and me out doing Free Range English lessons in London.

I met a Turkish English teacher online a few years ago. Her name is Emsal Ozen (https://www.facebook.com/emsal.ozen). She is a hugely experienced and committed teacher. She bought some English Out There teaching and learning content a few years ago and we stayed in touch via social media.

At the start of this year Emsal contacted me to tell me that she was coming to London in the summer and bringing her teenage son Umut. She asked me if he could attend our English Out There summer school. I explained that I was working on some changes to the summer school and renaming it Free Range English. The difference being that our regular closed French groups would be combined with learners booking online via a new website and booking system.

Emsal seemed to be excited and asked how much a course was. I told her it was Pay What You Want. This caused a small flurry of questions that I answered as well as I could. The simple idea being that you book a lesson online, turn up, join a class at the right speaking level, do the class and then at the end pay the teacher a combination of what you think it was worth to you and what you could sensibly afford to pay.

In the end Umut studied Free Range English in London for four weeks (20 lesson/60 hours). This is Emsal’s written feedback from an email she sent to me and suggested I might like to use to promote the course. Below is some audio of Umut at work on the streets of London, have a listen.

“We spent a wonderful time in Free Range English for 4 weeks. A million thanks to You and Alex, Hubert And Ciara. All the teachers are well experienced.

Umut improved his English skills with firstly Hubert and then Ciara and Alex’s tuition in a very targeted and systematic way. It was all about the English language of course but it was much more – visiting many interesting places with a lot of background information that was given by Steven. My husband was amazed at Umut’s accent after speaking with him fluently. He is sending you best regards.

The experience gained by Free Range English for my son was unforgettable. It helped him to improve understanding of English and boosted his confidence in speaking the language. Before attending this course he did not think learning English would be so pleasant. Days of hard but productive work… …actually. Moreover, I had the opportunity to get to know a wonderful environment…

We’ll go back home on the 18th of August and before then we’re going to meet Steve this Monday to arrange next year’s students’ group.

You all have a home in Turkey as comfortable as yours… whenever you want just let me know…

I’m looking forward to meeting you all next year with Turkish students.”

Thanks Emsal and Umut for giving our strange little English course a go!