London English Speaking Course Teacher Hubert Reflects On His First Summer With Us

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Hi, I’m Hubert and I have just started teaching an amazing London English speaking course called Free Range English. The summer seems to be over now and with all the things that happened while I was teaching the lessons I must admit it’s been a really positive, challenging and productive time.

english speaking practice course london

London English learner in Free Range lesson doing speaking practice.

The English lessons I’ve been doing with my students on Saturday mornings ranged from pre-intermediate to upper intermediate level. Students that did our street speaking lessons were positively surprised about the form and function of the event…that’s probably the way I should define our lessons, which stray away from the boring cliché of conventional classroom lessons.

As an experienced teacher who was new to this method one thing definitely works, and this summer’s lessons proved it 101%, is that learning language is more effective and progressively develops students’ self-awareness when it is done in the real world. The world of unusually fast intonation, the world of topic-related vocabulary which we learn contextually rather than translating it into our native language (which enhances memorizing it greatly).

In addition, it is huge fun learning English in England’s capital city – time spent here is hugely valuable – after all – it is one of the most exciting places in the world for cultural atmosphere and the urban environment. It helps a lot to understand one undeniable truth – language is about communication, language is about culture, language is about awareness of ourselves. And this course provides that kind of experience in every single lesson.

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Free Range English teacher London

Free Range English teacher Hubert in London