Free Range English Brighton – Licensee Feedback

Jason West Blog

Free Range English Lesson on Brighton BeachLicensing others to teach Free Range English lessons like we do in London is a really interesting and exciting process. Free Range English Brighton is now up and running!

We met Rob Westlake from Brighton online using Facebook. Rob has been teaching English for over eight years and has a small ESL company that he operates with other local teachers in Brighton.

We’d organised a group for Brighton to try and get Free Range going there and we needed someone to teach them English, but the Free Range way! Rob was keen to help and learn.

I spoke with Rob on Skype to get to know him better and to explain what we do. Then I gave him access to his own folder in Google Drive where I’d placed training information and our teaching and learning materials. I took him through it a bit and he then went through it with a very experienced teacher, Sarah, who was going to take the group.

As this was the first time I’d trained a new Free Range licensee online I thought I would pop down from the course in London to give them support during the first lesson. We had a couple of minor logistical hiccups but all went well for a first try. After that I left them to it and this Skype call recording is the first time I got feedback about the other six lessons for the group and how it developed.

It’s really interesting to hear Rob’s feedback and if you too are thinking of buying a licensee to teach Free Range in your town or city you should definitely have a listen.